1910 – 1998


september 8th, 1910, in Belleville (Paris), France


Where Henry d'Anty's painting grace the walls of a room one can almost feel the room come alive with a festive air.


Wheter his works depict the changing seasons, clowns, still life, joyful occasions or rural scenes, d'Anty's colours with his striking reds and his vibrant ochres give his canvases a felling of exuberance. The artist expresses his work in cleverly organized masses treated with heavy strokes bound togetherwith subtle blacks that appear to blend light and movement in one distinct unison.


Henry d'Anty has been a painter from the first day and it is only natural that one day this Parisian artist would discover Montmartre where he subsequently worked out one of Picasso's studios.




He studied at the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris. He draws. In 1944, he moved to Montmartre in the former studio of Picasso, where he devoted himself entirely to painting. From 1960 to 1963, he illustrated poems of Garcia Lorca. In 1966, he illustrated "The share of the gods."




He has been honored with dozens of times. He has won:

Grand Prize internationnal Vichy (1957)

Grand Prize internationnal Cannes (1957)

the price Ùgrand Cézane (1959)





Many museums and collectors of his works have, in both Europe and North America.




Several books are devoted to:

Henry Anty, edited by Maubert and Co., Paris, 1962;

Vision Anty 1984

D'Anty, published by Morgan-Whitney Phidadelphie, USA.


In 1988 the book as 50 painting was dedicated to him.

More video cassettes and 16mm films.


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