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This is to certify that the artist painter, HENRY D'ANTY has asked me to put you on notice that Mr. Rene V. ROSA, (ROSART), Quebec City, P.Q. Canada G2E 2K3, is henceforth his only commercial agent for CANADA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and in that capacity, he is the only one qualified to exhibit and appraise his work of art.


 He is particularly the only detainer of the list reference prices susceptible to be used as a guide at any sale or estimation.


 HENRY D'ANTY puts on notice all galeries, professional dealers and amateurs against the misdemeanour of certain forgers or intermediary persons who would pretend to detain, to dispose of or offer for sale certain paintings or other works of art which the authenticity would not have been certified by Mr. Rene V. ROSA.


      Sincerely yours,



     Bernard JACQUEMIN


(Attorney at law to the Paris bar.)

Maurice GUIBAL

Docteur en droit

D.E.S. Lettres

Bernard Jacques   

D.E.S.  Droit privé

Anne Jacquemin de Pescara


Paris, 19 juin, 1978



Where Henry d'Anty's painting grace the walls of a room one can almost feel the room come alive with a festive air.


Wheter his works depict the changing seasons, clowns, still life, joyful occasions or rural scenes, d'Anty's colours with his striking reds and his vibrant ochres give his canvases a felling of exuberance. The artist expresses his work in cleverly organized masses treated with heavy strokes bound togetherwith subtle blacks that appear to blend light and movement in one distinct unison.


Henry d'Anty has been a painter from the first day and it is only natural that one day this Parisian artist would discover Montmartre where he subsequently worked out one of Picasso's studios.


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4055 Ave. St-Jean-Baptiste

Québec Qc

G2E 2K3


418 570-8650



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